Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The day before D-Day

Out again today in the constituency in the morning in Rowlands Gill. More hard slog getting our message across. A short lunch at the Golden Lion in Winlaton Mill (great food and lovely well kept real ale BTW!) then back onto the campaign trail. Off to Winlaton and Blackhall Mill. Blackhall Mill has a great community centre and it's a real shame that a ceramic mosaic in front has been vandalised some time ago.

It was great to leaflet the terrace at the end of River View. Lots of community activists live there and I was pleased to see a poster saying "no BNP leaflets here". Well done that person, it's absolutely vital that we all stand up to the fascist threat. I received a text from an Asian friend of mine telling me all her friends are voting for the first time - they see the threat of extremists to our British values of tolerance.

It's essential everyone votes - the BNP has much more chance on a low turn out.

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