Friday, 5 June 2009

The BNP must be challenged

The European elections saw a swing to minor parties, it is clear. ONe of the beneficiaries was the BNP. I spoke to a person who had voted for the BNP already. She voted for them because she wanted to "stop immigrants getting all the jobs". When I asked her if she was against her Asian neighbours she said that "they won't suffer, they were born here". How misguded. People are being fooled into thinking that the BNP are a respectable party for people to vent concerns about the economy and a feeling of alienation. They are not. They are a party of sexist, Holocaust denying racists. Most politicians are tempted to ignore the BNP. We all need to take them on and challenge every person who votes for them. Sometimes that will mean engaging them in debate. However unpleasant, it needs to be done.

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