Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Times are changing

I was back on the by-election trail tonight, helping local lad Ray Callender in his campaign in Rowlands Gill and Chopwell. Whilst leafleting, I was stopped by a very articulate man who was pleased to see politicians around engaging with voters. He was a man involved with the trade union movement all his life and had even led a strike during world war 2, an action I can imagine was very controversial at the time.

But he had split with the Labour party when it pushed through the war in Iraq and had rarely voted since then. But he said he would be "gutted" if he didn't vote and Labour squeaked in. I think he may now vote and possibly for us! It's so important to vote and its important that there are no easy runs for Labour in Blaydon. The voters want a positive alternative and its important that we give it to them.

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