Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ryton Hirings

Today I was off to the great Ryton Hirings fair, which takes place over the bank holiday weekend and is run by the Lions. It's a great event and I was there to help on the Tombola stall. I must confess to not being much help so went around to have a look. I bumped into hard working local councillor Noel Rippeth, who was giving tours of the church, whilst his wife and councillor Ione Rippeth, led the choir on the piano. I learnt a lot that I didn't know about this marvelous church, one of the oldest in the local area. The event is great and needs to be encouraged.


  1. I think you need to find out the facts before you encourage such events. Local residents have to endure public disorder all day and noise into the evening, unofficial road closures, drunken antisocial behaviour until the early hours of the morning and a negative environmental impact not least by the fairgoers camping on the Willows stripping trees to light fires and littering.
    Does nobody remember what happened last time the hirings was revived?
    The Old Cross church is a wonderful place. Why associate it with this debacle of drink and disorder.

  2. As an organisor of the ryton hirings I would like to set 'anonymous'
    straight on a few points;
    There is no environmental impact as a result of the fair, there is a
    team of 10 plus stewards who tidy up immediately after the event and
    return the area to it's former state. In fact it's left immaculate.
    2. There are very few incidents if any of drunk and disorderliness
    with a police presence present all day and night. The police are
    incredibly happy to participate in the event.
    3. There is no link between people camping on the willows and this
    event, this is a blatent lie.
    4. The majority of the local residents are on the hirings committee
    and take part in the event and are keen to see it continued.
    5.The event raises 1000s of pounds for local good causes and community
    business's. Including helping the disabled in the area with equipment,
    giving people a better standard of living and giving to groups that
    need financial help. A lot of people gain from this event. I don't see
    'anonymous' doing anything to help out the local community!!!
    6.The event is incredibly well attended by people from the community.
    In a time when people have lost sight of traditions and sense of
    community is it not important to have an event which embraces both?!
    It is only one day of the year, surely 'anonymous' can see that the
    positive factors far outweigh the negative?
    7. As for the comment about drunkeness into the early morning, the
    actual event itself only lasts until 4pm. However, due to the volume
    of people enjoying themselves the pub stays open and is policed
    correctly until the usual licensing hours. There are no revellers left
    after 12.20 at night, as this is when the pub is locked up. If you
    move next to a pub surely you can't complain about it being open until
    the correct time!!!?
    8. Everything that can be done is done to respect the neighbours.
    Letters are posted through doors about the event and all local
    residents are asked to voice any concerns, which will be adressed.
    However, no body has come forward!!!
    9. The unofficial road closure, is actually aproved by the council.
    This event has become an important part of the community and I feel
    it's incredibly sad that a few people feel this way about it. Perhaps
    if they attended the event and embraced the tradition (which was
    around long before they moved into the house) then they would realise
    that it benefits many.
    Instead of hiding behind an 'anonymous' tag, if you feel that strongly
    about it then come along to the meetings and voice your opinions.

  3. I agree Ryton it is a great event and something to be proud of