Friday, 15 May 2009

The result is in!

Well, the Chopwell and Rowlands Gill council by-election is over and counted. The result was Labour 1,221 votes, Ray Callender (Liberal Democrat) 898 votes, Conservative 177 votes.

This is an increase in Rays share of the vote and a reduction in the Labour majority from 916 votes only 2 years ago to 323 now. Chopwell and Rowlands Gill certainly can't be taken for granted anymore by the Labour party.

Ray is an excellent candidate and well done to him and his local Focus team, who I know are encouraged by this result. And thanks to all the residents in the ward who got out and voted, ensuring that turnout wasn't too much lower than in a normal local election.


  1. And it was really funny watching Labour panicking and scurrying around like never before in this area. Make sure you keep the work up in this area.

  2. It has been said that Chopwell (AKA Little Moscow) is an area where you could stick a red rosette on a monkey and it would get elected. It looks like that's what happened this time.

  3. Well done to the Chopwell and Rowlands Gill team, and all the best with your campaign, Neil! We know you've got what it takes!

    Boom boom!
    Lucy and Gerry