Wednesday, 13 May 2009

MPs expenses

Not much time for campaigning in the constituency today - had a council meeting. However, I have been looking at the "revelations" against our MPs by the Daily Telegraph. I agree with Jeremy Paxman that they are small beer compared to tales of expenses for moats and tales of "flipping" houses.

However, the public rightly expect very high levels of probity and MPs really do need to be transparent. Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson is a good example, publishing her own expenses on her website voluntarily every quarter. You can see them here. If I am elected to parliament I will do the same. However, I do hope it is all sorted out by then.

Although the Times poll shows Lib Dems benefitting from this crisis in politics, I still think it is a very bad thing that drags us all down and pushes voters into the arms of extremists like the BNP, whose share has also grown. That is why all mainstream politicians need to clean up their act ASAP.

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