Sunday, 17 May 2009

Flowers, Rugby, Anniveraries and Whickham

Today I have largely had a day off from campaigning to concentrate on my two passions - my wife and Rugby League!

It's my wife and my anniversary today, so yesterday after going to Chase Park Fair, I popped into Flower Design in Whickham ( to buy some flowers. I don't have much of an eye for these things but the shop is beautiful and the flowers impressed my long suffering wife today. Talking of flowers, yesterday I went to see the flower beds that the Labour run Gateshead council is proposing to cut back on. It's a real shame as they are a great asset for the area, especially as Whickham has a very active "in bloom" group hoping to pick up a prize this year. Needless to say our local Lib Dem councillors are trying to sort the problem out.

The traders in Whickham are also angry about proposals to impose parking charges. More on this another time.

Anyway, my wife was so impressed with the flowers she allowed me to go off to watch the Gateshead Thunder Rugby League play today. The club has a great community feel and is doing well in its first season in the Championship, the second division of Rugby League. We were up against Whitehaven and lost in an entertaining game 34-38. Very exasperating, but at £11 great value. I'd encourage people to get down to the International Stadium to support the team, all the games this year have been nail biting affairs!


  1. Please don't forget that your constituency is a Rugby Union stronghold, with three well established clubs: Ryton, Winlaton and Blaydon. Why not get along and see what they are doing for the community, especially in providing sporting and social opportunities for young people?

    And Ryton have just one the Junior Cup:

  2. Tom, good point. Blaydon has some great Union sides, there's space for all - I think I will definately pay a visit