Sunday, 10 May 2009

Change in the air in Chopwell and the Gill

Day 2 of me being a candidate in Blaydon and there's no easy start as it's straight into the fray with a council By-election in the ward of Chopwell and Rowlands Gill. We have a great chance in what was a previously safe Labour seat.

We have a brilliant candidate in Ray Callender. He is a local lad and is the only candidate who lives in the ward. Seems that even in a village like "Little Moscow" (Chopwells nickname) Labour can't find a candidate.

I was canvassing in the ward a few days ago and people have got the message that we are putting up a strong fight against Labour and that we are the only party who can deliver change in Rowlands Gill and Chopwell.

Today has been a lovely day and I have been delivering our FOCUS newsletter to residents in Rowlands Gill. Great exercise and its been getting a great reception.

The election is on this Thursday, 14th May and I would encourage everyone to get out and vote - it is important and despite the cynicism about politicians it is really important that people ensure their vote counts.

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